The development of next generation Realtime 3D Libraries is the agenda of the GameTools Project (GTP), an EU project from the 6th Framework Programme. The GTP pushes the envelope in the fields of:

The GTP libraries are being developed in OGRE and Shark3D for next generation PC hardware, with videogame consoles - PS2, XBox, PS3, XBox 360 - planned as additional hardware platforms.


Continuous Multiresolution Models are a level of detail (LOD) technique in computer graphics addressing the problem that scenes often contain too much geometric detail when all of the visible objects are rendered at their full resolution. While similar algorithms have long been available, most modern game/3D-engines implement the much simpler technique of discrete LODs instead. Discrete LOD techniques are widely known for the annoying visible artefacts they produce at the moment the switch between the different resolution models occurs, an unacceptable drawback for the visual quality of the next generation of 3D/game applications.

The GTP Geometry Lib supplies a multiresolution LOD solution that addresses the shortcomings of previous approaches by giving developers access to a complete package of solid technology which offers:

  • A image based simplification algorithm to efficiently create high quality MLODs without human intervention
  • A continuous multiresolution model for static and animated meshes that includes connectivity information and uses basic primitives like triangle strips. These features reduce dramatically the amount of information stored and overcome the bandwidth bottleneck between the main processor and the memory of the modern high performance graphic cards.
  • A new multiresolution model specially suited for the real time rendering of trees and plants, allowing an incredible amount of close up detail. The model is able to show each leaf when the user is closer and gives automatically simplified representations when the observer moves away.





In computer graphics, Visibility deals with the problem of rendering faster by rendering only the objects of the scene that can be seen.
Existing solutions along that line employed in modern day 3D/game-engines are mostly based either on Portals or on Quake style PVS (potentially visible set). While these approaches have been successfully employed in commercial products for years, they nonetheless have considerable drawbacks:

  1. Both approaches are not suited for outdoor scenes (except scenes which are technically indoor-scenes).
  2. It is hard to automatically place portals efficiently, so it normally has to be done by hand.
  3. Portals are by nature a very conservative visibility approximation.
  4. Portals are not suited for dynamic occluders.
  5. For maximum efficiency Quake style PVS is usually done on a scene stored in a BSP tree, which, amongst other drawbacks, is a scene data structure not well suited for dynamically changing scenes.
  6. Quake style PVS precalculation can take prohibitively long.

The GTP VisibilityLib will overcome these problems with a 2-phase strategy:

  1. A solution which supplies precalculated visibility based on modern visibility research, also suited for outdoor scenes.
  2. A solution which efficiently employs modern day graphic hardware to deliver on-the-fly visibility with minimal overhead.

 Both solutions work best when used together, but can also be employed independently from one another, as to best suit the 3D/game engine in use.






Global Illumination is the field of computer graphics that deals with physically correct illumination. Usually this is associated with stochastic raytracing solutions taking hours to calculate a single picture.

The GTP IlluminationLib brings physically correct rendering to the domain of realtime graphics.
Effects that will be possible include:

  1. Soft Shadow/Lighteffects
  2. Dynamic Lightsources
  3. Indirect Illumination
  4. Reflections
  5. Realtime Radiosity
  6. High-Quality Materials (Metal,...)
  7. Cloud Rendering

allowing for previously unseen levels of realism in 3D/game applications.


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