1 / JUN / 2007 - The third GAMETOOLS newsletter now available for download here.
The GTP team published its last project newsletter aimed at providing you with an overview of progress and new developments in the GTP project.

IBC 2007

22 / MAY/ 2007 - GameTools will present its results at the New Technology Campus during the IBC 2007 conference. IBC is committed to providing the world's best event for everyone involved in the creation, management and delivery of content for the entertainment industry. IBC2007 will take place at the RAI Congress Centre, Amsterdam between the following dates:

Conference: 6 - 10 September
Exhibition: 7 - 11 September

5 / MAY / 2007 - GTP SIG reaches 25 members: GameTools welcomes its latest Special Interest Group member, Cohort Studios from Scotland, UK.

European companies can apply for GTP SIG membership until the end of May 2007, to also get free access to next-generation GameTools 3D technology.

1 / MAR / 2007 - The second GAMETOOLS newsletter now available for download here.
The GTP team publishes a periodic newsletter aimed at providing you with a quarterly overview of progress and new developments in the GTP project.

15 / APR / 2007GTP announce in the April issue of the Game Development Magazine. Game Developer magazine is the worlds premium publication aimed specifically at game developers, being read by more game developers worldwide than any other publication.

10 / DEC / 2006 - GTP project presents "GameTools: Global Illumination in Games" at KATT2006 - Kreatív Alkotók Technológiai Találkozója (Creative Designer's Meeting) in Budapest, KUSZA conference centre, Hungary.

KATT2006 gathers game companies, movie makers (e.g. Terminator III) as well as all the other representatives of the creative industry and makes their results accessible for the interested investors and general public.

KATT2006 presentation

29 / NOV - 01 / DEC / 2006 - GAMETOOLS was presented at RESFEST 10 in Vienna, Austria. RESFEST is one of the most important festivals worldwide for digitally produced short movies, documentations and animations. This year the festival takes place in 45 cities on all six continents and shows thereby outstanding international and local productions.

A panorama picture can be found here.




16 / NOV / 2006 - The GAMETOOLS project is the first prize winner as the best university project at the award ceremony of the E-Tech Forum on IT of the Girona County.

The E-Tech Forum is organised by the Association of IT Enterprises of Girona (AENTEG) and has the aim to draw attention to the projects and initiatives in Catalonia which contribute to the development of the IST.


Premis etech 2006

15 / OCT / 2006 - The first GAMETOOLS newsletter now available for download here.
The GTP team publishes a periodic newsletter aimed at providing you with a quarterly overview of progress and new developments in the GTP project.

26 / SEP / 2006 - The first GAMETOOLS demogame, Jungle Rumble, is officially available for free download. It was created by VUT students Martin Knecht, Michael Schwärzler (both Design & Programming) and Jakob Karaszek (Design & Art) based on their own Direct3D 9 engine.
Jungle Rumble showcases GameTools Depth Imposters and Raytrace Effects in a computer game; besides it's also is fun to play ;-).

GameTools demogames are being developed by students of universities participating in GAMETOOLS, to present the use of selected GameTools effects in a computer game.

If you are a GameTools SIG member, you can find the Jungle Rumble sourcecode in the repository under \GTP\trunk\App\Games\Jungle_Rumble.



6 / SEP / 2006 - GAMETOOLS had its own stand at Eurographics 2006 in Vienna, where GTP technology was demonstrated to an interested audience by the GTP Community Manager, Markus Giegl together with GTP volunteers Johannes Scharl and Matthias Maschek:




Tutorial T4 @ EG06 - Efficient Sorting and Searching in Rendering Algorithms, presented GTP research &  GTP technology (click here to download the PDF):

The tutorial highlights the connection between rendering algorithms and sorting and searching as classical problems studied in computer science. Both theoretical and empirical evidence that for many rendering techniques most time is spent by sorting and searching is provided. In particular we will discuss problems and solutions for visibility computation, density estimation, and importance sampling. For each problem we mention its specific issues such as dimensionality of the search domain or online versus offline searching. We will present the underlying data structures and their enhancements in the context of specific rendering algorithms such as ray shooting, photon mapping, and hidden surface removal.

Tutorial T12 @ EG06 - GPUGI: Global Illumination Effects on the GPU

In this tutorial we explain how global illumination rendering methods can be implemented on Shader Model 3.0 GPUs. These algorithms do not follow the conventional local illumination model of DirectX/OpenGL pipelines, but require global geometric or illumination information when shading a point. In addition to the theory and state of the art of these approaches, we go into the details of a few algorithms, including mirror reflections, reflactions, caustics, diffuse/glossy indirect illumination, precomputation aided global illumination for surface and volumetric models, obscurances and tone mapping, also giving their GPU implementation in HLSL or Cg language.


4 / SEP / 2006 - EG06 - GAMETOOLS sponsors the Graphics meets Games competition - the GTP logo is always on display - for example on the offical voting sheet, found in every Eurographics attendant's bag.


22 / AUG / 2006 - GTP Visibility Workpackage leader Michael Wimmer presents the GAMETOOLS project at GCDC in Leipzig, the biggest event for game developers in Europe, in a panel discussion about collaboration between academia and industry.




14 / JUN / 2006 - GAMETOOLS together with NVidia, sponsors the Graphics meets Games competition, to be held at Eurographics 2006 in Vienna.

Graphics meets Games

12 / DEC / 2005 - GameTools Community Manager Markus Giegl gives his opinion on the new Microsoft Xbox 360 videogame console. Article in German Published in Austrian news magazine Profil.


Xbox 360 in profil